Congratulations to Hongliang Optoelectronics for joining ISELED alliance!

publisher:creator        Release time:2022-07-08



The ISELED Alliance announced that three additional members, Hongbright, Intron Technology and Polycontact, have joined the industry consortium. Since then, this open industry alliance will have 42 companies covering the entire value chain of the automotive lighting industry and further establish ISELED as a standardized solution in the market.

Founded in 2016, the ISELED Alliance is an open industry association whose goal is to build a comprehensive ecosystem based on ISELED technology - a complete system solution for innovative automotive lighting. Members include leading "lighting" Tier 1 suppliers, LED and semiconductor manufacturers, professional lighting designers and others.

"The ISELED Alliance is delighted to welcome Hongbright, Intron Technology and Polycontact as new members. These broad alliance members from a wide range of industries provide further momentum for the development of ISELED technology," said Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors, Chairman of the ISELED Alliance. recognition is due in large part to the excellent work of the Alliance."

Hongliang Optoelectronics is a professional supplier of optoelectronic products, designing and manufacturing a wide range of LED lights, LED displays, LED spot arrays, and LED clusters for applications such as automotive electronics, consumer electronics, security, medical supplies, and background lighting.

"Hongliang Optoelectronics has been in the LED field for 19 years and has produced LEDs that have been widely used in automotive, background lighting, and illumination. Its LEDs are used by Chinese car brands and many international car brands. We are pleased to join the ISELED Alliance to develop more high-quality intelligent lighting to realize the diversified applications and humanized design of ambient lighting in automotive interiors," said Steve Zeng, Vice President of R&D and Operations of Hongliang Optoelectronics, "We will also guide more automotive-related companies to join the ISELED Alliance, and work hard to promote the We will also guide more automotive-related companies to join the ISELED Alliance and strive to promote the long-term development of the ISELED Alliance. In conclusion, as an automotive lighting supplier, we are pleased to join the ISELED Alliance and are proud to be part of ISELED.